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Journal: Stories of Scientists Answer the questions below in complete sentences. Be sure to refer to the notes you took in your Student Guide while completing the online lesson. (15 points) Score

1. What characteristics do Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, and Daniel Hale Williams have in common? List three common characteristics in the Characteristic column. In the space under each scientist’s name, provide examples of each characteristic from each story to support your answer? Answer: Characteristic Michael Faraday Nikola Tesla Daniel Hale Williams They all made inventions He figured out how a moving magnet could generate electric power. He invented Ac power He became the first doctor to perform open heart surgery. They were all ultra smart Faradays ideas were used to build a machine called the dynamo Tesla built experiments in his mind instead of on a workbench Dr Williams got into one of the best collages in the usa. They were all obsessive Michael Faraday was always asking questions. He asked so many questions because he wondered about everything pa


Tesla believed such things would distract him and he never married(page52)    He remained committed to his belief that all people deserve quality healthcare.

�(15 points) Score

2. How do you know that each of these selections thus far incorporates both facts and fictional elements? Give one example of fact and fiction from each of the stories. Remember that the fictional element may be based on facts, but may be a fictionalization of an event. Answer:

“Michael Faraday’s World”   “Nikola Tesla, Inventor”   “Healing a Wounded Heart: Daniel Hale Williams”

Fact It was an exciting time to be a scientist. He was born in smiljan croatia between 9 and 10 july 1856 He was born in Pennsylvania in 1856 Fictional elements Faraday had tons of chemicals when he was a kid He even said that if the inhabitants of mars knew how to receive his signals he could talk to them too.

He invented the a ray machine in the 1850s

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